Architecture for Efficient String Dictionaries in E-Learning

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E-Learning is a response to the new educational needs of society and an important development in Information and Communication Technologies. However, this trend presents many challenges, such as the lack of an architecture that allows a unified management of heterogeneous string dictionaries required by all the users of e-learning environments, which we face in this paper. We mean the string dictionaries needed in information retrieval, content development, “key performance indicators” generation and course management applications. As an example, our approach can deal with different indexation dictionaries required by the course contents and the different online forums that generate a huge number of messages with an unordered structure and a great variety of topics. Our architecture will generate an only dictionary that is shared by all the stakeholders involved in the e-learning process.

Congreso: 12th International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing and Ambient Intelligence (UCAmI 2018) nº19 vol.2

Autores: Antonio Ferrández, Jesús Peral, Higinio Mora, David Gil


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