EmoLabel: Semi-Automatic Methodology for Emotion Annotation of Social Media Text


The exponential growth of the amount of subjective information on the Web 2.0. has caused an increasing interest from researchers willing to develop methods to extract emotion data from these new sources. One of the most important challenges in textual emotion detection is the gathering of data with emotion labels because of the subjectivity of assigning these labels. Basing on this rationale, the main objective of our research is to contribute to the resolution of this important challenge. This is tackled by proposing EmoLabel: a semi-automatic methodology based on pre-annotation, which consists of two main phases: (1) an automatic process to pre-annotate the unlabelled English sentences; and (2) a manual process of refinement where human annotators determine which is the dominant emotion. Our objective is to assess the influence of this automatic pre-annotation method on manual emotion annotation from two points of view: agreement and time needed for annotation. The evaluation performed demonstrates the benefits of pre-annotation processes since the results on annotation time show a gain of near 20% when the pre-annotation process is applied (Pre-ML) without reducing annotator performance. Moreover, the benefits of pre-annotation are higher in those contributors whose performance is low (inaccurate annotators).

Revista: IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing

Autores: Lea Canales ; Walter Daelemans ; Ester Boldrini ; Patricio Martínez-Barco

URL: https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/8758380